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Examples of Possible Deficiencies
Chimney Cap Holes

Recommend repair or replacing of chimney cap and collar due to holes and pooling water, which can lead to water penetration in home.

Sump Pump Debris

Debris in sump pump can jam pump causing basement to flood.

Sanitary Pump

Sanitary pump inoperable at time of inspection. Recommended repair to prevent sewage back up in basement.

Leaking Water Line

Hose bib froze, causing pipe to crack. Recommended repair.

Improper Draining

First floor shower draining into sump pump which is not allowed. Recommended repair.

Crack in Foundation

Crack in foundation created by hydrostatic pressure and frost. Recommended evaluation by structural engineer.

Leaky Sink

Recommended replacement of cracked sink bowl.

Damaged Chimney

Chimney is in need of repair due to moisture damage.

Missing Nails

Missing all nails in joist hangars. In need of immediate repair to prevent structural failure.

Improper Venting

Bath fan is not terminated to exterior. Current situation allows for condensation in unfinished spaces that may lead to future mold issues.

Attic Junction Boxes

Safety hazard. Recommended repair of open junction boxes and wires that are not terminated.

Damaged Chimney

Recommended installing new chimney cap to prevent future damage to chimney from moisture and the freeze/thaw cycles.

Missing Hardware


Leaking Waste Line

Noted leading PVC waste line that was missing glue at joint, creating leak. Recommended repair.


Damaged Low Voltage Wiring on Air Conditioning

Recommended repair of bare wires to prevent electrical short on air conditioning equipment.

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